- lia rowell 2018
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about the You gallery

I first had the idea of the You gallery because though no-one I ever met was perfect, each had something extraordinary. It was a constant reward to find talents in people; to discover we are all meant to be here, and despite our differences, we are doing our best. Through others I discover myself.

Even people who do evil, most of the time were brought up in a regime of no choice, since an early age; and behaved as such, for survival and the sense of belonging. My writings do not mention specific individuals or situations. Rather, it is up to you to adapt them to your own.

By collecting qualities I walk along your best footprints, to find surprising developments. This site is dedicated to the collective you. Some people I have really met. Others I learned from through books, lectures, movies.

The You gallery is only in English to encourage students to practice the language.

Comments are welcome. The way I respond is through my paintings of thought. Every word, brushstroke, hue, tone, is my answer.

lia rowell